Fun and Challenging
Hip Hop Classes

Looking for something that is high energy and teaches intricate movements?  Our hip hop program gets low, low, low and uses a variety of more aggressive choreography styles and body isolations.  The instructors aim to introduce dancers to one of the most popular and commercial styles of dance by also challenging them with stalls, tricks and other skills that can take their choreography to the next level! 

There is no standard uniform requirements, however, dancers should be in clothing they can easily move in and we have a no-jeans policy.  Dancers can wear any sneaker of choice so long as they are not shoes they are currently wearing outside becuase any rocks stuck in the sole can tear up our flooring.  Once a recital costume has been chosen we will inform all dancers of the specific shoe or shoe guidelines dancers must follow for the show.

For all levels hair should be pulled back away from the face.

There are many online options
(Discount Dance, Dancewear Solutions) but for proper uniform and shoe fitting we suggest dancers shop locally at Empire Dance Shop in Downtown Spokane or Happy Dance in Post Falls.