Artistry Meets Technique in our Lyrical/
Contemporary Classes

Dance is more than a recreational activity that teaches technique and discipline, we also aim to progress within our students their emotional maturity and non-verbal communication skills.  In our Lyrical/Contemporary program we instruct students through learned choreography the importance and power of using dance as medium for story-telling.  It is required that dancers who enter our Lyrical program have simultaneous training in Jazz or Ballet as well because we move quickly through the technical aspects of the choreography.  These classes also focus on improvisational techniques and allow dancers their own outlet for expressing feelings and experiences.

There is no uniform requirement beyond the no-jeans policy.  Dancers can wear any color/style of jazz shoe for class or they can purchase a half-sole lyrical shoe.  We do request they have black leggings or shorts for class. Footwear is required at all times.

For all levels hair should be pulled back away from the face in a tight ponytail or bun.

There are many online options
(Discount Dance, Dancewear Solutions) but for proper uniform and shoe fitting we suggest dancers shop locally at Empire Dance Shop in Downtown Spokane or Happy Dance in Post Falls.